Creating A Sofa Advert For Bonds Lifestyle

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Creating a stop frame animation for Bonds Lifestyle’s new sofa range in Stratford Upon Avon.

Seen as the weather has been so crappy we decided to work indoors with the result being some wonderful interior design work. We have been continuing our work with Bonds and as described by Frankie in their latest blog post, several painstaking hours of slow motion moving furniture paid off and the result is a fantastic short video showing off their sofa range. 

Through our own experience, we know that traditional advertising often doesn’t reach the audiences we want to. So the question is, how do smaller, independent businesses compete online with larger companies and chains? This is where we come in, we believe it is so important to be able to show off your products in a digital space and we are always looking for creative and exciting ways in order to achieve that. We work closely with clients to create work they feel showcases their products and services in a way that is fun, informative and clear. Digital marketing isn’t easy, but it is achievable with the right content and guidance. 

So how does this actually work in practice? Well Frankie from Bonds Lifestyle approached us and said they were keen to showcase their new sofa range, and asked us what was the best way to do this. We had a think about it and sat down with them to make a plan. Dan had the idea of using stop motion animation to create a video that showed a few individual sofas and how you could accessorise the room around them, this would enable the customer to see how these pieces could fit into their own home in a unique way. We were keen to show Bonds Lifestyle as a more interesting alternative to other furniture shops, combining one off antiques with their contemporary products. 

Bonds Lifestyle give us a lot of creative freedom, allowing us to experiment with our ideas and work with us to see an idea through. The joy of our work comes in developing visual strategies with our brands to push them ahead of the competition. Stop motion ticked all the boxes, allowing us to create a striking video to stand out on the social stream as well as being able to use the many stills for future promotions. All the creativity came in developing the plan and pulling together the edit, from the moment the camera was attached to the tripod the task became predominately a physical one. Slowly moving sofas and other large furnishings around their Stratford Upon Avon based showroom. Understandably moving a sofa half inch at a time isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. As Frankie said;

“We absolutely love working with The Content People (and before you ask the question no, this isn’t a paid advert). However, after four hours of moving furniture half an inch each time to make sure that it was going to look right in the animation, my love for Dan ever so slightly dwindled. I genuinely thought when he gave me my first instruction, he was playing up to my naivety of what a stop motion animation actually was.”

… & to be fair Frankie you guys did well, if Dan had asked me to move at that pace I’d of told him where to go after about 5 minutes. However, from watching the video we all agree this was definitely time well spent. Bonds can now use this video to advertise over Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They can blog about the experience which keeps their website up to date and current, and there is now a Sofa section to their website featuring photos of all their current stock. All of these things help to get a business noticed by a local, relevant audience and the fact that it looks amazing too is bonus that we are pretty proud of ;).