Kate’s Storytree

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Telling Kate’s Story

Kate’s Storytree is the storytelling venture created by artist Kate Coleman. We worked together to create a new website which encapsulated the world she created whilst telling her stories.

Kate creates beautiful physical spaces that transport both children and adults to the realm that her stories inhabit. Full of colour, sketches, cuttings and props. The challenge was to build this into a digital space – which could be enjoyed by young and old.

Full of saturated colour, bold fonts and cut and paste illustrations
Full responsive design including animations

Building her world

The website strikes a balance of being a space that reflects the physical feeling Storytree, but also works for Kate and her users as a practical and easy to use source of information for her business.

A storytelling session with Kate involves lot of props, paper and pencils. She sketches throughout, bringing her stories to life. Taking part in Kate’s events was vital to get an idea of how we could build the digital space. I went along with my camera, watching as she drew on large sheets of paper as she moved through stories. In that moment I realised how important it was to get the craft elements into the website. Kate delivered sheets of paper with different sketches on of rainbows, trees and stars. I cut them up, scanned them and animated them throughout the site – bringing the Storytree to life!

Kate invited me to a storytelling session to take some photos and develop ideas around the design

Getting the basics right

One of the most important parts of this project was getting the basic elements in a place that was useful for Kate, this including making sure her email worked (she’d had previous issues with this), contact forms went to the correct address and the site could be easily managed. Although these parts can be the fairly straight-forward in a project, making sure all these parts worked well meant Kate could concentrate on telling stories! 

The Storytree in action
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